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I have Internet now.

2017-06-13 20:18:27 by MatelOl

i have it. c:

I don't have internet

2017-06-04 20:23:02 by MatelOl

I don't have it.

Making Shit Finished

2017-05-06 16:35:28 by MatelOl

First scene of the video finished.

EDIT:Don't have sound!6217722_149410292322_Image.png

Making Shit.

2017-05-04 19:37:05 by MatelOl

Working on a video for @MasterZaba 6217722_149394101791_athing.png

My New Madness OC.

2017-05-03 11:42:54 by MatelOl

Download Here: 6217722_149382615491_Oldfriend..png

If you use them,give me credits plz.

EDIT: I desactivate the comments because nobody comment

As I have Macromedia Flash 8 and I do not open the file that is only for Adobe Flash I want someone to convert this .fla file to SWF please

Happy Pico Day.

2017-04-30 12:08:32 by MatelOl

Enjoy it 

Madness Evolution Collab [CANCELLED]

2017-04-29 12:18:40 by MatelOl

I decided to cancel the collab since many are leaving the collab, 3 members have not given me their clips and I am afraid that the collab will give 3 or 3 stars and a half. 6217722_149348283151_gf.jpgP.D: And they have not given me any clips about the collab.

Clock Day is arriving on August 15th of this year, but I will do an animation and I already have it ready but it has my name in the right corner and as I saw several animations of Clock Day and I see that they do not have the name of the author I said "Oh my God .." so I want to know if I should put the name or not because if it is so I will have to do another animation.

Ok, I do this since the whole Newgrounds portal is full of garbage and I want to put order. A few days ago I wanted to play a game so I enter the game portal and see games like "Jump the Line", "Dab Simulator", "CLICK" and do not even give them "BLAM" the only thing they do is save them with 5 or 3 stars And what if it is a good, excellent, addictive game only le 2 stars, 3.5 stars, but should put 4.5 stars or 5 stars ...

In the movies the only thing I see is: "Madness Pistol TEST," MADNESS TEST, "MADNESS KILL TEST" and just in case porn.
Then I want them to be great games and movies again thanks.